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integrative approach

Treating the emotions is a key component in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Emotions can be a result of long standing internal imbalance, and untreated emotional imbalances can lead to damages of internal organ systems.

Just as we know that long term stress can lead to cardiovascular disease, in eastern medicine organ systems are affected with specific emotions (i.e. grief affects the lungs).

regular treatments . . .

will help regulate your adrenal system and help optimize your neurotransmitters. 

Acupuncture will help regulate your sleep patterns, which is vital in emotional health. If you sleep better, you will start feeling better.

Our SUSTAIN program is ideal for bi-weekly visits

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Natural approach

Don't let stress keep you from living a healthy and happy life.

If you are feeling irritable, angry, unfocused or anxious, do not wait for these feelings to subside. Take control of feeling out of control.

Genomix NUtrition

Optimizing your nutrition is important for you emotions. Fatigue, brain fog, ADD/ADHD, and depression can be the result of a genetic deficiency. Insight into your genetic make-up can help you take control of your health and potentially avoid pharmaceutical prescriptions take carry adverse side-effects. 

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It doesn’t hurt, guys.
— Brennan Kilbane | for GQ Magazine

Acupuncture will solve your stress, even if needles freak you out