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Nutrigenomic testing is a easily administered process that will give you incredible insights into the core bio-chemical processes which effect your health.  The Genomix Nutrition Gene Test is the most scientifically precise way to create healing and provide a life-long preventative health approach using natural methods.  Dr. Stewart's pioneering methylation work and engineering of this genetics test is the best approach to optimizing your nutritional health.  We are delighted to have been trained by Dr. Stewart and excited to educate others about his incredible approach to creating health at the core bio-chemical processes.  

This nutritional approach is a powerful tool in our integrative health tool box and we are excited to help equip you!  


With the Genomix Test, we look at 5 areas: 

1. Methylation - how the body is absorbing, transporting, and convert fuel  

(Related to 250+ bio-chemical processes)

2. Mitochondria - the powerhouse of the cells

(essentially ‘battery’ function of the cells and responsible for many core systems processes)

3. Neurotransmitters - how the body is communicating (cognitive and emotional functions)

4. Detoxification - how is the body eliminating toxins and preventing oxidative stress (inflammatory agents)

5. Inflammation - where is the body holding on to inflammation and disease

(diet, pain tolerance, emotional balance, vitamin deficiencies, immune system)

You will benefit from Genomix is you have:








No Office visit requireD

This process is easily done from the comfort of your  home or office

The testing entails a cheek swab, which is sent to the Genomix Nutrition Lab, where your genes will be confidentially assessed.

We obtain lab results in up to 14 business days.  We can schedule the consultation in anticipation of a 14 business day wait time or we can schedule the appointment once we have received the results.   

We offer two gene tests: 55 gene test ($568) and 26 gene test ($488). The 55-test is a more in-depth test, and will provide more detailed information about issues related to your health issues

Gene test Consultation is conducted via recorded online video conferencing (via Zoom – HIPPA compliant) or over the phone.  We will assess your provided intake information and genetics results then will provide you with a GMP certified natural supplementation plan, a treatment plan for acupuncture treatments, and any other lifestyle recommendations that will be best suited for you. 

Supplement costs can vary depending on your needs and budget.  The test provides us with highly recommended supplements and additional recommendations.  Dr. Stewart has created the Neurobiologix formulas to keep costs low and to minimize the amount of pills people have to take per dosage. The supplements are the most important treatment once we have a genetic picture of your health. The testing and supplements go hand-in-hand. 

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We were so lucky to have found Ouchie, the treatment our son is receiving has helped overcome a lot of his Autism Symptoms, he has improved in so many areas and keeps showing recovery signs consistently. Ouchie has taken such an amazing care and dedication to our son, they make us feel that we are not alone in this rough battle.
— A & L

We do not just want to get your genetic test done, order supplements and send you on your way. We are here to help along the way, as you are powerfully improving your quality of health with this approach. 

We provide continued support when it comes to Genomix Nutrition, and we recommend you purchase 2-3 monthly appointments with Dustin to dial in your new quality of health. These appointments are conducted online (via Zoom, HIPPA compliant) and the cost is:

$35 for 30 minutes

$50 for 60 minutes


These appointments will provide you with time to ask questions, check in about the changes you see with your supplementation, as well as provide a next step action plan for you.


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