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The intent behind SUSTAIN is to provide a space for active and recovering Cancer Patients to come together in a community-style treatment setting. Appointments are available in Carmel-by-the-Sea on Thursdays.

Light refreshments geared towards boosting immunity, tempering nausea, and encouraging fluids will be provided. Herbs and Fruit are sourced from our local and organic community. 

The SUSTAIN program has been priced based off of Community Style treatments in the area, affordable and attainable. 

I want to provide another avenue for cancer patients to receive treatments, despite financial hardships. SUSTAIN allows for sliding-scale treatments, at a cost that is comfortable for you. 

You choose what you can afford, and what value you give to treatments with Ouchie. 


60 minutes || $30 - $50

thursday 8 am - 11 am 

SUSTAIN appointments are CASH only appointments, and HSA cards cannot be accepted.