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First of all, I want to thank you most sincerely for your wonderful work on my Bell's Palsy. It is now five weeks since my attack, and I am just about fully healed. Your work on my face is the primary reason for my incredible recovery (plus lots of prayers). 

I went into Community Hospital here with the physical symptoms that I had had a stroke. After several tests and consultations, the neurologist said I had Bells. What a relief, I thought, but one look at my drooping face told me that this was also not going to be an easy path.

Then I was introduced to you. You encouraged my hard work with exercises, and our regular treatments showed immediate response. I was hiding from my friends, but now I walk into a room, smiling, and no one is the wiser.

I can't wait for my next ailment!

  • D.C. Entrepreneur, Public Speaker (October, 2018)

image by lovici | ouchie acupuncture+chinese medicine
When I first came to Stephanie I felt like I had a pretty good idea about the root of my issues. After one treatment I realized how very little I knew about my own body. With kind, informative, and truly healing sessions, Stephanie helped me through a time where my emotional and physical balance was very off kilter. I left every treatment feeling a whole lot better than I arrived. Over time, Stephanie taught me how to care for my body in the ways that best worked for me. She cares deeply about her patients, and it shows. I cannot say enough how wonderful of a healer and friend she has become to me! It is so empowering to care for the body/mind in this way, and I recommend Stephanie with full confidence to anyone seeking this kind of treatment.
— C.D. Illustrator + Photographer

Dr Stephanie's knowledge, skill, refined technic's, and acute awareness to detail when treating me has been and is positively fabulous! She keeps me youthful and heals me when I have a special need.
Thank You Dr Stephanie for helping me meet my healthy living goals!

— L.E. Broker (September, 2018)

Attentive, excellent knowledge & execution of treatments, pleasant & friendly demeanor...can’t wait to return!
— K.W. Artist
Stephanie is a gifted healer whose treatments helped me recover from recurring colds and flus and asthma symptoms. It was a very relaxing and healing experience and I’m doing much better.
— B.H. Environmentalist (March, 2018)
Stephanie is wonderful and I feel certain she will help me succeed in my healing where no other has. She is kind, patient, and warm. I look forward to my other session. Happy I found her.
— M.G. Philanthropist (June 2018)

We started seeing Stephanie after my daughter fractured her spine! After only 3 visits she was pain free and good as new. Now my husband and I get treatment for routine health and healing. I would 100% recommend seeing Stephanie, not only is she very professional and knowledgeable about her practice, she is so so so kind!
— S.S.
We were so lucky to have found Ouchie, the treatment our son is receiving has helped overcome a lot of his Autism Symptoms, he has improved in so many areas and keeps showing recovery signs consistently. Ouchie has taken such an amazing care and dedication to our son, they make us feel that we are not alone in this rough battle.
— A & L | Genomix Nurition

Thank you Ouchie for your healing touch! Straining my back while working with heavy design objects, I was concerned my back would never be the same. One therapeutic treatment of needling, cupping, pressure points, and all pain dissipated.  Leaving Stephanie's treatment I felt light as a feather and was completely rejuvenated.  Stephanie is truly so very gifted and has amazing healing technique and knowledge.

- L.E. Interior Designer (June, 2016)

Stephanie is an excellent practitioner who is gentle and listens to what you have to say about your specific issue. She offers suggestions for therapy and performs her techniques flawlessly. A pure joy to know and to be treated by!
— C.S. Nurse

Stephanie is truly amazing. She has the gift of healing. I'm very squeamish when it comes to needles. Stephanie has a calming way about her that puts you at ease and you don't even realize she has started the acupuncture, and as a bonus you will receive a massage.Thank you Stephanie.

- M.B. Realtor


I was blown away by her intuitive assessment and treatment, which included a divine and relaxing face, neck and foot massage, while I laid on the most comfortable treatment table, ever! I felt completely relaxed and blissful hours afterward. Stephanie's loving touch and healing heart cannot be recommended enough. Be kind to yourself and make an appointment today!    - A.M. Marriage and Family Therapist


I got to see this beautiful angel and have my first acupuncture treatment today. I'm seriously addicted. After a quick 30 minute session I felt rejuvenated and I'm seriously convinced she got rid of my frown lines (aka the are-you-kidding-me??? lines on my forehead). Stephanie is warm and loving and seriously passionate about what she does. I'm so grateful you are a part of my life!

- B.E. Florist and Designer

Stephanie is an excellent care provider, with her winning combination of kindness, expertise, intuition, empathy, and genuine care! I was struck by how intently she listened, and how much she remembered about what was going on with me over the year I saw her. She not only expertly treats her clients with acupuncture, but she stays with you the entire session providing neck, shoulder, head, jaw, hand, and foot massage. I often left our sessions feeling completely altered, free of pain and stress. Stephanie's warm smile and energy is the cherry on top of an excellent session, each time. I honestly cannot recommend her enough, and I have to many of my clients, family and friends.

- A. R. Marriage and Family Therapist


Attentive and knowledgeable about her craft in alternative therapy, Stephanie creates a soothing atmosphere- A Coastal Charm!
— C.G. Massage Therapist
If I could describe Stephanie in one word it would be: Passionate. And everyone knows there’s no better professional than one who is passionate about their work. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and it’s always a pleasure to be around her. Highly recommend!
— F.A. Designer
Thank you for taking care of us! I know my daughters acupuncture care sped up her recovery and helped dramatically with pain control. If anyone is in need of an acupuncturist, Stephanie is the sweetest!
— S.S. Mother and Entrepreneur
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