Integrative Womens Health

We operate from the belief that like beauty, health begins from within.  Our bodies are complex, interactive, and marvelous systems that we believe function best in balance and with support of natural processes and inputs.  

When chronic and debilitating issues disrupt the bodies ability to heal itself, we leverage Nutrigenomic testing to pinpoint the core bio-chemical issues.  Combining Traditional Chinese Medicine with nutraceuticals, we provide exceptional quality of care with dynamic results and knowledge that empowers you to overcome vulnerabilities and strengthen your fortitude. 

Whether you are seeking fertility enhancement, hormone and adrenal support, or wanting to counter act wrinkles of age, our specialized natural modalities enhance your quality of life so those unpleasant conditions are left behind.  

what we treat . . .

Irregular menstruation | PMS

Infertility | pregnancy support

morning sickness

Post partum Care

Emotional Balance

Puberty support

adrenal fatigue

Own your cycle

For centuries, women in China have owned their cycle through the power of natural herbs. DAO Labs has taken these age-old remedies and improved the taste and accessibility.

Take Emotional Balance before your period to reduce stress, mood swings, irritability, and fatigue.

After bleeding ends, take Women’s Formula for 6-7 days to stabilize hormones, replenish blood, and regulate your next cycle.

We have partnered with Dao Labs to help regulate your cycle: 


ouchie + dao labs | own your cycle

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