Facial Rejuvenation with Ouchie

What to expect

1-5 treatments: skin has a glow and begins to tighten

5-7 treatments: fine lines and wrinkles begin to fill in, and skin begins to show a natural lift

12 treatments: your skin should show distinct change, your muscles adjusted to the toning and lifting of treatments.

Because you are getting a treatment tailored to your presentation, you will also start seeing change in your stress response, anxiety, sleep, pain, digestive issues, energy levels and mental clarity.

 Patients primary concern was skin texture and overall complexion.   The first picture was taken prior to treatment 1, the second picture was taken week 6, and final picture at week 12.

Patients primary concern was skin texture and overall complexion. 

The first picture was taken prior to treatment 1, the second picture was taken week 6, and final picture at week 12.

My sun drenched skin hasn’t looked or felt this amazing in years. All thanks to Stephanie
— C.D. Nurse


12th treatment is Complimentary


Each session is 80 minutes, and please make sure that you:

  • avoid wearing any jewelry on the day of treatment
  • drink enough water a day before and after your treatment
  • avoid coffee and diuretics prior to the appointment
  • eat a meal before treatment
  • stop taking vitamin E, fish oils or Omega 3, 6, supplements
  • no make-up or heavy moisturizers on treatment day
  • reduce or avoid aspirin 3 days prior to your appointments
  • reduce or avoid retinol (vitamin A) supplements and products 3 days prior to appointments
  • no exercise or alcohol consumption after treatments


How acupuncture helps

A facial rejuvenation treatment using Traditional Chinese Medicine can improve muscle tone of the face and neck while addressing underlying imbalances that have contributed to the aging process.

According to TCM, wrinkles begin internally from a constitutional imbalance and fundamental weakness of Qi. Qi is the energy that circulates throughout the body within a series of pathways to different organs. The body's natural energy flow is what provides nourishment, support and energy to the every cell, tissue, muscle and organ. 

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Acupuncture tightens pores, improves muscle tone and dermal contraction, while enhancing and increasing the elasticity of the skin. It can reduce signs of aging by strengthening and stimulating the body's energy circulation, especially those to the face. Through a succession of treatments, you will look and feel more energetic, vibrant and healthy.

Facial rejuvenation with acupuncture and TCM is virtually painless, and a non-surgical method to reduce the signs of aging. 

Before using drugs or surgery to improve appearance, consider acupuncture. It is an effective, natural, safe, drug free and painless alternative. It helps your whole body to look and feel younger. 

Read this informative blog post about BOTOX vs ACUPUNCTURE by Michelle Gellis


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For centuries, many women in China used jade rollers daily for anti-aging and beautiful skin. Regular rolling stimulates lymphatic drainage and by improving facial circulation, increases oxygen and nutrient supply, thereby enhancing the radiance and natural glow.

The cooling effect of jade will help to prevent the skin tone, tighten pores and relieves sinus pain.

Gua Sha is another tool that can be used in facial rejuvenation to improve blood circulation in the face and increase cell growth. 

Light gua sha strokes can be used to extract toxic waste, remove blood stagnation, and promote normal circulation and metabolic processes of the body

Facial Rejuvenation Tools
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After my first 60-minute treatment, my neck looked longer and thinner, and my jawline cut a sharper silhouette — for two months.
— Jessica Chia | for Allure Magazine

I Tried Gua Sha to Contour My Jawline — Here Are the Results

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons


In 2016

131,106 people got a facelift

7,000,000 people received botox

2,600,000 people got soft tissue fillers

A full face lift on average costs $7,122

On average, Botox can cost $385 and soft tissues fillers will range from $600 - $1200

More than $16 BILLION was spent on Cosmetic Surgery


Age groups receiving cosmetic surgery in 2016

  • 13-19 years old:              20,676 Botox      |    6,917 soft tissue fillers
  • 20-29 years old:           105,886 Botox     |    69,101 soft tissue fillers          |      372 Facelifts
  • 30-39 years old:           1,275,146 Botox    |    278,839 soft tissue fillers      |      2,018 Facelifts
  • 40-54 years old:           4,051,194 Botox    |    1,207,089 soft tissue fillers    |      43,216 Facelifts
  • 55 + years old:              1,603,353 Botox  |    901,667 soft tissue fillers       |      85,500 Facelifts