Autoimmune disorders

With the incredible work and support of our partners Genomix Nutrition and Neurobiologix we provide genetics based treatment plans that set the bar for experiencing the best quality of integrative medicine.  We are incredibly blessed by the work of Dr. Kendal Stewart and his determined pursuit to resolve the most difficult to prevent and treat diseases of the 20th century. Through Dr. Stewart's research and clinical practice, we've been given tools to better understand core bio-chemical processes related to reducing inflammation and empowering the body to create healing and combat disease.  Whether it's autism, arthritis, migraines, neuropathies, or an autoimmune disease, Nutrigenomic testing should be a tool you promptly add to your health kit. 



Recommended Genetic Panels: 55 Gene, Inflammation, GI, Autophagy


It's been the hot trend in natural health care and for great reason.  The component which this trend has largely been ignorant of, is our bodies go to antioxidant—glutathione.  Glutathione is responsible for clearing chemicals and other non-water soluble toxins from the body.  Genetic mutations give us insight into whether or not your body is producing the right quality of glutathione. Glutathione is produced in several different areas of the body.  Determining your vulnerability or deficiency with Glutathione is a proactive and often necessary protocol to ensure your optimal health and disease prevention.  



What Dr. Stewart refers to acting like a toggle switch, the bodies inflammation process of cells turn on and off.  When pathogen enters the arena, inflammation is turned on, triggering the immune system to go to work.  If someone has genetic mutation related to this "turning on", they are more vulnerable to illness and disease.  An overactive immune system may prevent sickness, but it's also out balance and inhibiting a variety of other bio-chemical processes that lack the energy to preform as they should.  Dr. Stewart identified key "on and off" switches which help control inflammation and support the immune system.  


A very complex bio-chemical process related to a cells ability to attain necessary nutrition.  For several years, Dr. Stewart has pioneered the application of chemical research which provide him with insight into those bio-chemical processes.  With the recent accessability of genetic testing his approach was further validated and understanding was deepend.  Where as blood testing was more speculative, genetics testing dials in on the exact issue related the cellular energy.  The nutrigenomic test provides the greatest insight to what used to be relatively unknown. 



Glass half empty or glass half full?  The bodies ability to shift from bummer to more funner is considered with assessing genetic mutations in this category.  With the supplement market oversaturated in "brain food", now you can replace the trial and error process with scientific data for your unique body.  Although this category is important, it is the most overly solicited category in the health industry.  That's our opinion, but when you know the core issues you tend to catch those feels.  Feel good knowing this category is helpful to optimizing the happy days, but also a very powerful tool for those who have too many days of depression, anxiety, and glass not full enough. 


The "powerhouse of the cell", your long lost chemistry lesson from the 5th grade.  This never made sense to us until our genius educator Dr. Kendal Stewart explained the kreb cycle to us.  Essentially, your body takes 2 ATP and turns it into 32 or 34 ATP.  Think of it as batteries, start with two batteries and make 34 from that—incredibly resourceful and marvelous process.  This category looks at polymorphisms related to refiling those batteries. The more cellular energy available the better the whole system functions.  Gene testing really validated the importance of the mitochondria not just in terms of energy but also with understanding its roll in dopamine and t-cell production. Genetic mutations in this category should definitely be known if you are serious about aging well and preventing age related illnesses like dementia, vertigo.  Dopamine is an essential neurotransmitter and ensuring your mitochondria are obtaining optimal energy at the most profecient bio-chemical process is a must-know.