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Sports medicine


Pain and Structural imbalances

Injury support (concussion, whiplash, fractures)

Womens Health

Menstrual Disorders


Acne/Skin Care

Hormone Balance


Chemotherapy side effects

Radiation side effects

Emotional support

Immune Optimization


Emotional balance 

Stress management

Mental Fatigue




Autoimmune Disorders 


Gut Health

Inflammation control

Immune Optimization


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We designed our space for your complete relaxation and restoration during your session with us. The practitioner will always stay present during the entire treatment, which means you obtain the best quality of personalized care.  Depending on what is being treated, you might experience Cupping, Gua Sha, Tuina, Acupressure or Facial Gua Sha. You can learn more about our modalities here.

Dr. Faddis offers both private + community style treatments to help serve her patients.


Your body will reset itself during treatments, allowing your muscles to relax and let go of tension. Inflammation will be reduced by encouraging the endocrine system to self-regulate itself, as well as alleviate any stress response that your body is holding on to.

I’ve utilized acupuncture to relieve stress/anxiety, improve my sleep, eliminate sore throats, fight colds, soothe achy muscles, and aid with healing from injuries. I’ve found that the sooner I can get acupuncture to address any sickness or ailment the better prevention and recovery time I have.
— D.F. Entrepreneur
Stephanie is a wonderful Acupuncturist! She is caring, compassionate, and very skilled. She addressed all my problem areas, and I felt so much better and more relaxed afterwards. She also handled my needle anxiety like a pro! I was able to relax and enjoy my treatment. I will continue working with her to keep myself healthy, and I recommend her to everyone!
— J.B. Massage Therapist
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