REJUVENATE | 12 series

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REJUVENATE | 12 series

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Optimizing your health to optimize your complexion.

12 treatments are a full treatment course, 6 treatments suffice for anyone with minor lines and wrinkles. Bi-weekly visits are recommended.

Limited time only, cannot be returned or exchanged. Treatments are non-transferrable, please book the 12 appointments within 3 months of purchase.

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In 2016, from the age 20-39 | it think most of us fall into that range | 1,381,032 people received Botox injections (medical and vanity)

An average botox treatment costs $385, and lasts on average 3-4 months | so a year can cost $1155 - $1540

Side effects are: allergic reaction, rash, headache, nausea, difficulty swallowing, stomach pain, flu symptoms, dry mouth, ringing of your ears, dropping eyelid, loss of bladder control (to name a few)

Cosmetic acupuncture requires an initial time commitment, but after a full course of treatments - 12 weeks - it lasts up to 6 months

Cost can be anywhere from $150-$250 a treatment, with a yearly cost of $2100-$3500, including follow up treatments

Side-effects: better sleep, stress relief, pain relief, enhanced mood, increased immunity, more energy (to name a few)

Yes, investment in cosmetic acupuncture is higher, but this beauty is ✨your✨ beauty. Not injected via a syringe. Not a bandaid to cover the stress you carry in your face

Who wouldn’t want to be admired for their natural beauty, and can proudly say “This is me! No Botox needed”