sports medicine


Stephanie's Approach

With a Bachelor of Science degree in sports medicine, I have specialized knowledge in knowing the detailed connections of muscle, tissue, and myofascia.   My sports medicine training has given me insight into knowing how musculo skeletal issues can effect recovery time and pain management protocols.   Healing musculo skeletal issues with Acupuncture is like a race car in a foot race, stimulating quick relief to the core pain site.  

In conjunction with Chinese Medicine, we highly encourage patients to take a look at the genetic blueprint which is contributing to vicious pain cycles.

We are able to identify where patients benefit from specific dietary changes, response to opioids (further pharmarco-genetic testing highly recommended), and potential laboratory work to control inflammation.


Ouchie Tip:

Did you know ice packs are not typically the best intervention for muskual skelatal injuries. 

The beauty of acupuncture and herbs is their ability to reduce inflammation at the injury by dispersing blood and stimulating cellular repair mechanisms. 


Heal Rock Solid:

If you receive chiropractic care you will enhance your results by concurrently receiving acupuncture treatment after your adjustment.  By treating the muscles, tissue, and myfascia surrounding your bones with acupuncture, you are affirming a new stability.  We've personally experienced the benefit of concurrent chiropractic and acupuncture treatments.  It's a little extra step that can take you a long way on your road recovery or continued maintenance.