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Acupuncture has been proven to be a highly effective chemotherapy recovery protocol. The increased production of T-Cells, pain relief, and dry mouth can take a back seat to your recovery process with our specialized care.  

Acupuncture supports your oncology care, and will provide great emotional support as this this time can be stressful and trying.


Panels recommended: 55 Gene, Inflammation, Wellness, Neurological

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Stephanie spent 12 months interning at the UCSD Cancer Center in Encinitas California, where she was able to treat an array of chemotherapy and radiation side-effects.

I love the medicine I chose. I have seen some amazing things happen with it. And to me, the theory of using your body to heal itself makes complete sense.  As Acupuncturist, we do not cure diseases. We use the body as a tool for optimum health.
— Stephanie
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