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Dr. Faddis treats a wide range of conditions and can address the root of your health issues in an integrative, core way.

Doing so brings you into balance, out of dis-ease, with increased energy and vitality.


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Prepare to experience a dynamic therapeutic treatment that provides exceptional results while also having a similar feel as a full body massage — leaving you relaxed + recharged. 

This immersion into wellness is ideal for out-of-town guests, given as a gift to a special someone, or anyone just needing an annual treatment.

In this 80-minute treatment you experience a dynamic approach to your health: it begins with a restoring + reviving back treatment, followed by a nourishing + uplifting front treatment.

Back treatment: emotional restoration with acupuncture + fire cupping

Front treatment: constitutional acupuncture + facial reflexology/gua sha

Friday + Saturday appointments recommended to book out 1 month in advance.

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Sustain is a great program for existing patients to receive maintenance treatments, and for new patients to experience acupuncture in a quiet and calm setting. 

During sustain treatments, Dr. Faddis does not stay in the room. After placing the needles, she will leave to allow you to meditate and relax during your session.



Together we will build a strong FOUNDATION to your health, to allow you to THRIVE.

Acupuncture is a cumulative modality, meaning it works best with regular treatments. With that being said, the goal of Dr. Faddis' approach, is to help jumpstart you quickly, so that you can THRIVE in your health and only see Dr. Faddis when absolutely necessary.

Therefore, she encourages 3 - 6 treatments in the first month to allow the body to adjust and maintain quickly.

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facial rejuvenation for mom

Facial Rejuvenation with Acupuncture is about achieving beautiful skin and complexion from within. No injections, no cover-ups, no altering of your beauty - we enhance your health from within, and your face will reflect your internal health. 

Depending on what the goal of treatment is, 6 to 12 treatments are advised.

Fast and remarkable results will be seen with bi-weekly visits, and weekly visits will maintain steady results. Patients will opt for the weekly visits due to time constraints.