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Dien Chan Zone is a technique from Vietnam which has been adapted and Westernized in Italy. It treats symptoms in the body via stimulation of zones on the face to repair and prevent imbalance of every kind and can be used both on its own or as a compliment to allopathic measures.

In California, this is a medical modality and should only be performed by a licensed medical practitioner. 

Dr. Faddis is amongst the first medical practitioners to be certified in the United States by the Academy of Italian Facial Reflexology.



With Facial Reflexology, we are stimulating our bodies' natural intelligence to encourage healing

We are supporting the central nervous system to respond to touch, in order to affect the internal organ system. Much like using needles to initiate balance in the body, this approach is gentle and easy to use in your home. 

Reflexology implies the principle that by stimulating one part of the body, another part of the body is rebalanced. More precisely, when the skin (a major sense organ) is stimulated according to established maps which reflect all the organs of the body, the nervous system (central, then peripheral) responds to reach the targeted organ or area.

There is a database in the brain within which all the organs of the body are coded to their correct function. This database is triggered by the stimulation of certain points and areas to signal a reminder that something has been modified to affect this function. And thus the correct functioning can, when possible, be restored.

The body signals to us a problem by means of a pain or discomfort in the body. Such a symptom indicates an energetic block.


online italian facial reflexology with ouchie | acupuncture + chinese medicine
dien chan zone with ouchie | acupuncture + chinese medicine

Meet oNline

5 weeks |  $400 (includes tool + booklet)

This approach to health allows us to teach you how to take control of you health issues. You do not need to be present in order to learn how this treatment will benefit you, we will equip you with the tool and the knowledge to treat yourself. Patient compliance to daily practice for 21 days is required.    

In order for you to be well equipped and prepared, this treatment course requires 5 weeks of online meetings (initial visit 60 minutes, follow up visits 30 minutes. Each session is recorded for you to have available to reference.

You will be treating yourself during this time, and the meet ups are used to discuss any changes and modification necessary. 

Meetings are held on Monday only

meet in person

5 treatments | $485 (includes tool + booklet)

In person meetings will provide you with 45 minute treatments weekly for 5 weeks. The first session is 90 minutes long, where we take a comprehensive intake, discuss your health, create a treatment protocol, treat you and also teach you how to to this protocol at home. Patient compliance to daily practice for 21 days is required. 

Each follow up visit is 45 minutes, where you will receive a treatment from Dr. Faddis, allowing you to relax and rejuvenate during this process. This time is also used to monitor any changes.

To avoid missing any session, these appointment are recommended to be booked in advance, and rescheduling/canceling is discouraged.

Appointments available Tuesday - Saturday

Single sessions available: 45 min/$85 | 90 min/$120

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