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Stimulating our bodies' natural intelligence to encourage healing

We are encouraging the central nervous system to respond to touch, in order to affect the internal organs system. Much like using needles to initiate balance in the body, this approach is gentle and easy to use in your home. 

Meet oNline

This approach to health allows us to teach you how to take control of you health issues. You do not need to be present in order to learn how this treatment will benefit you, we will equip you with the tool and the knowledge to treat yourself. 

In order for you to be well equipped and prepared, this treatment course requires 6 weeks of online meetings (initial visit 60 minutes, follow up visits 30 minutes. Each session is recorded for you to have available. 

6 weeks |  $600 ($150 savings)

Individual session after the 6 weeks is $125, as you will receive in depth guidance and treatment advice from Dr. Faddis

meet in person

6 weeks | $600

Individual sessions $125

Meet in groups

$75 per attendee | maximum 5 participants