Seasonal Allergies Remedies

Treat yourself!

SNEEZING: coat the inside of your nose with jojoba oil. This will catch all the pollen prior to entering you respiratory tract. You can add lavender or rose oil for a sweet smell, which will also decrease any inflammation present. Apply a small amount 2-3 times a day.

LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE: download this handout (first, second) and use acupressure to encourage lymph flow and toxin removal.

ITCHY DRY THROAT: add 2-3 leaves of culinary sage +  3-6 dried goji berries to your water bottle. You can just add more water throughout the day. This combination will help bring moisture to your throat and ease discomfort.

CHINESE HERBS: make sure you have this formula in your home, as it will help combat allergy symptoms + boost your defenses. Use "Ouchie" in the checkout for 10% of your order. I believe they are also offering 20% off your first order (just wait, a pop-up should appear :))

Avoid alcohol, sugars, and dairy products. Reach for kombucha and fermented foods instead. 70% of your immune system is found in your Gut. Healthy microbes will help keep your immune system strong. Dairy and sugars kill your healthy microbes, and worsen any congestion. 


himalayan sea salt + eucalyptus steam

  • add 3/4 cups of himalayan sea salt to 2 cups of distilled water
  • bring to a boil for the salt to dissolve
  • add fresh eucalyptus leaves or 2-3 drops of eucalyptus essential oil to the salt water
  • cover the pot and take of the burner
  • place on a solid surface and remove remove the pot cover
  • place a big towel over your head, and lean over the pot
  • inhale the steam for 5-10 minutes with your eyes closed

You can repeat this several time a day. If you prefer evenings, add 1 drop of lavender to allow you to sleep soundly; if you have severe congestion, add a handful of dried thyme. 

Immune boosting + Congestion clearing

ouchie | acupuncture + chinese medicine :: sea salt + ecualyptus steam to combat sinus congestion

Sinus relief + congestion clearing

ouchie | acupuncture + chinese medicine :: EO for seasonal allergies remedies

Essential Oil roller

To help ease a sinus headache by clearing congestion:

  • use 3 to 4 drops of eucalyptus, rosemary, and peppermint oil 
  • use a carrier oil such as vitamin e oil

I like to keep my oils available, therefore I use glass rollers, as they fit nicely into pant pockets or a purse. You can find your own online, or any health food store should carry empty glass rollers (Jimbos, Pharmaca, Whole Foods, etc).

Apply your EO mix as needed on the back of your neck, temples (avoid proximity to the eyes!!!), chest, and soles of the feet (at night).


cupping therapy for respiratory health

Cupping will also help boost your immune system and strengthen your respiratory health. It is great for anyone who has a lingering cough, allergy induced bronchitis/asthma, or rhinitis. 

This approach to boosting immunity has been used for centuries, and it remains one of the best approaches to combating allergies. 

Make sure you schedule a cupping session with your acupuncturist if allergies are getting the better of you!

ouchie | acupuncture + chinese medicine :: cupping therapy for respiratory health

Skin care in your kitchen

make your own facial rejuvenation mask |

papaya, honey, lemon

Take one small papaya + juice from one lemon + a tablespoon of Manuka Honey

Apply to brown spots, or sun damaged skin, and leave on for 5 minutes

Rinse + gently dry your skin

Keep your mask in the fridge, so that you can use it once a week for the next six weeks

facial rejuvenation at home: a chinese approach to holistic facial rejuvention |

ear seed kit

our whole body ages, not just your face

Applying seeds to specific organs that are involved with your aging process, can help optimize your health

Little mustard seeds are used to apply pressure the microcosm of your ear

SHENMEN: calm the mind, harmonize all points | stops those brows from furrowing

KIDNEY: strengthen bone, replenish marrow | reduces puffy skin and bags under your eyes

LIVER: promote smooth circulation of blood, relax muscles | gives your skin that glow

POINT ZERO: balances hormones, calm the mind | skin blemishes + fine lines and wrinkles

SPLEEN: nourish muscles, produce blood | for those dark circles under your eyes

LUNG: nourish skin and hair, promote smooth circulation of qi | reduces pores
HEART: calm the mind, regulate blood, relieve pain | brings vibrancy to your glow

adding this to your water will help your skin |

goji water

Add goji berries to your water for a daily dose of beta-carotene for radiant skin, daily dose of vitamin c for immune optimization, and antioxidants to help eradicate free radicals


We are excited to join the fantastic team at Wellspring Natural Health. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine will now be offered alongside amazing practitioners of Naturopathic Medicine, Psychology, Massage Therapy, Bowen Technique, Life Coaching, and Aromatherapy. 

To welcome new patients, Ouchie is offering a limited time introduction pricing (2/1 - 2/28/18).

limited time only, feb 1 - feb 28, 2018, no returns or exchanges, not transferrable

limited time only, feb 1 - feb 28, 2018, no returns or exchanges, not transferrable


Natural aging is one of our specialties, and cosmetic acupuncture is gaining a lot of recognition by the media as a natural solution for facial rejuvenation. You can read more about how Chinese medicine approaches anti-aging here .


limited time only, feb 1 - feb 28, 2018, no returns or exchanges, not transferrable

limited time only, feb 1 - feb 28, 2018, no returns or exchanges, not transferrable

Stephanie Duerkopp Faddis | Acupuncture + Chinese Medicine
I am excited to get to know you, and be part of your health + wellness journey
— Stephanie


Facts: Facial Rejuvenation

Let’s talk some facial rejuvenation numbers:
In 2016, from the age 20-39  1,381,032 people received Botox injections (medical and vanity)

An average botox treatment costs $385, and lasts on average 3-4 months | so a year can cost $1155 - $1540

Side effects are: allergic reaction, rash, headache, nausea, difficulty swallowing, stomach pain, flu symptoms, dry mouth, ringing of your ears, dropping eyelid, loss of bladder control (to name a few)

facial rejuvenation |

Cosmetic acupuncture requires an initial time commitment, but after a full course of treatments - 12 weeks - it lasts up to 6 months

Cost can be anywhere from $150-$250 a treatment, with a yearly cost of $2100-$3500, including follow up treatments

Side-effects: better sleep, stress relief, pain relief, enhanced mood, increased immunity, more energy (to name a few)

Yes, investment in cosmetic acupuncture is higher, but this beauty is ✨your✨ beauty. Not injected via a syringe. Not a bandaid to cover the stress you carry in your face

Who wouldn’t want to be admired for their natural beauty, and can proudly say “This is me! No Botox needed”

12th REJUVENATE treatment is FREE with @_ouchie - book online or email to let your beauty come to the surface and shine 💫


According to the CDC (source), 50-70 Million US adults suffer from some form of insomnia. It has been studied, that adults function otpimally with 7-8 hours of sleep, and 30% of adults will report getting less than 6 hours of sleep.

Reportedly, there are 10 Million adults in the U.S. taking perscription sleeping aids.

treat yourself

insomnia ear seed kit

* helps regulate your pineal gland (in charge of your sleepiness)

* calms your nervous system

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are at least 10 disharmony patterns that an Acupuncturist uses to differentiate the cause for insomnia. The most common ones that I have seen, are Heart Yin Deficiency and Heart and Gallbladder qi deficiency.

Heart Yin deficiency presents with Insomnia with inability to fall asleep easily. Your brain just cannot turn off, and thoughts keep repeating themselves.

Heart and Gallbladder qi deficiency will present with restless sleep, often waking at the same time every night and being unable to fall asleep again.

maintain your health with acupuncture

In our western medicine influenced world, we tend to seek help when we absolutely need it. Often times we let a problem progress until we can no longer wait it out. 



Acupuncture is not fast medicine. It can be amazing in making a difference with just one visit, but it works best with time and consistency. Traditionally, acupuncture has been used for maintaining health and preventing disease. We have progressed to using it primarily for pain management in the United States. Western Medicine is based on evidence. We need to prove a method in order for it to be acceptable. Studies have been able to show that acupuncture works for pain management, therefore that is the focus of care in our Western World.

An acupuncturist studies the traditional and ancient methodologies of this medicine, and it goes far beyond just treating pain. It is the medicine of well being. 

Although there are more studies needed to show the efficacy of acupuncture for health maintenance, it has been shown that acupuncture is beneficial for immune-regulation for cancer and auto-immune diseases. 

Anyone that has experienced acupuncture for any reason, knows the benefits of: improved sleep, increased energy, mood enhancement, stress relief, pain relief, and improve the digestive system.


Here are some issues that studies have shown acupuncture to be helpful for:

  1. Treating Cognitive Decline: a study done on Parkinson's patients showed a decline in symptoms such as tremors, pain, depression, anxiety and sleep (source)
  2. Treating Insomnia: as it can help regulate the central nervous system, the study showed that acupuncture is a effective as medication but without the adverse side effect of those medications (source)
  3. Treat side effects of Chemo and Radiation: I've had personal experience in how acupuncture can alleviate chemo therapy induced nausea and fatigue as well as improve sleep, depression and anxiety. Acupuncture is phenomenal at improving quality of life for anyone going through or recovering from cancer treatments. (source)
  4. Alleviate Joint Pain and Headaches: there are so many studies showing the efficacy of acupuncture when it comes to chronic pain and headaches. And this is the number one reason for seeking out an acupuncturist. (source)




Acupuncture Maintenance Recommendations


Bi-monthly 30 minute visits | BOOST $50

Ideal for those who do not have a pressing chief complaint, but just need a tune up


Bi-monthly 60 minute visits | BUILD $80 or THRIVE $165

Ideal for those keeping chronic diseases at bay (i.e. arthritis, auto-immune diseases)



Maintain your Health during seasonal changes

Disease present themselves commonly during seasonal changes. Our bodies are adapting to pollen, shorter days, colder days, hotter days and it put a strain on our immune system. 

Weekly visits, leading up to a seasonal changes, can help adapt the body to those changes. 

2017 Seasons (California)

Fall Equinox September 22

Winter Solstice December 21


2018 Seasons (California)

Spring Equinox March 20

Summer Solstice June 21

Fall Equinox September 22

Winter Solstice December 21

Make sure you make appointments 1 month prior to these dates to optimize your immune system for the changes ahead


If you'd like to see if acupuncture is for you, please fill out the form below to inquire about a free 15 minute consultation.

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memorial day

this memorial day, i am celebrating 1 year of opening the doors to my practice.

i tend to be open on holidays, and this one is no different.

as a 'thank you' to all my patients, i am offering a day of sliding scale treatments. you choose what you pay :)



We've all heard about integrating probiotics into our diet especially after we've been prescribed antibiotics. 

Even if you have not been taking antibiotics, it is still wise to feed your body with beneficial bacteria as there are many ways to diminish their supply (such as sugar, tap water, grains, emotional stress, chemicals and medications).

Probiotics have been shown to help treat: 

digestive disorders
allergies (contact dermatitis, allergic rhinitis)
tooth decay, periodontal disease
colic in infants
liver disease
common cold

Biotic Blend Pro

Probiotics are needed to help produce vitamin B12 and vitamin K2, they help produce enzymes to help destroy harmful bacteria, and it stimulates secreting of IgA and regulatory Tcells. 

B12 - key to normal brain and nervous system function, as well as red blood cell formation. It has a important role for cell metabolism, especially DNA synthesis, fatty acid and amino acid metabolism. Only bacteria provides the enzymes to start this synthesis. 

K2 - key for bone strength and arterial health, as it helps activate enzymes that will carry calcium from your arterial walls to your bone. (Statins deplete your vitamin K supplies)

IgA - plays a crucial role in the immune function of the mucus membranes. IgA is the most daily produced immunoglobulin in our body.

regulatory Tcells - will modulate the immune system, maintain tolerance to self-antigens, and prevent auto-immune diseases, as it suppresses the immune response of other cells (keeps excessive reactions in check).


ginger, turmeric, black pepper Kombucha Culture Elixirs at Revolution Roasters

organically made in carlsbad ca

I like the idea of getting our nutrients from our food - i.e. eat yogurt or drink kombucha if you want to replenish your healthy gut bacteria. But some of us avoid dairy and cold raw foods. Having supplements on hand, for when your diet is a little lacking, is a good idea. 

Here are some helpful tips when you are choosing probiotics:

  • most common probiotics: lactobacillus and bifidobacterium. Both are commonly found in dairy products. 
  • figure out which ones address a certain condition (IBS, travelers diarrhea, etc) vs generally maintaining healthy flora. This information should be found on the product container itself. I found this great reference list for which probitiocs are good for which disease right here
  • the CFU (colony forming units) should be anywhere between 2 - 50 billion CFU


Moxibustion, or Moxa, is the application of heat to acupuncture points or to other areas of the body which treat and prevent conditions and disharmonies.

The purpose of moxibustion, as with most forms of traditional Chinese medicine, is to strengthen the Blood, stimulate the Qi flow, and maintain general health.

Moxibustion uses moxa or moxa wool from the herb Artemisia Vulgaris (Ai Ye, or Mugwort, Chinese wormwood), a type of aromatic Chrysanthemum. The moxa leaf is bitter and acrid, and it gives warmth in small amounts and strong heat used in large amounts.

Its usage is indicated to treat cold syndromes and is applicable for many diseases such as deficiencies, excess and acute conditions.

Moxibustion Functions:

  • It warms the channels to expel cold and damp. It warms, moves and unblocks Qi in the channels.
  • It promotes Qi and blood circulation, resolves blood stagnation, and removes obstruction and pain. Especially good for dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation) and  Bi Syndrome (Arthritis).
  • It courses through the three Yin, representing fluids which run from the feet to the chest, including Spleen, Kdiney, and Liver channels.
  • It prevents disease and maintains health
  • It opens blockages of energy from the 12 primary channels

gua sha

Gua - to scrape or rub

Sha -  reddish, elevated, millet-like skin rash; term used to describe blood stasis in the subcutaneous tissues before and after it is raised as petechiae

 Gua Sha is one technique that intentionally raises Sha

—Functions of Gua Sha:

  • Moves stagnant Qi and Blood
  • —Releases the Exterior (mimicking sweating)
  • —Moves the Fluids

Promotes circulation and normalizes metabolic processes


—Indications for Gua Sha:

  • —Common Cold(treat or prevent)
  • —Flu (treat or prevent)
  • —Bronchitis (treat or prevent)
  • —Asthma (treat or prevent)
  • —Internal or External Pain
  • —Chronic Disorders not resolved by herbs, moxa, acu, massage (stubborn recurring pain)

—What the color of Sha might tell you:

  • —Lighter, Brighter color is fresher (Recent w/c attack)
  • —Darker color – older blood stasis
  • —Brown – blood dryness
  • —Pale to slightly red - blood deficiency
  • —Purple/Black – longterm stasis (pt will usually feel better right away)

Facial Rejuvenation dates back to the Ming Dynasty and jade stone is believed to be the stone of longevity. Using jades tone as a gua sha tool for facial rejuvenation is still a common practice now.

The jade stone is used to help keep the skin supple, reduces wrinkles and restores a youthful appearance.


Cupping is the application of cups onto the surface of the skin by removing the pressure in the cup, allowing the superficial muscle layer to be drawn into the cup.

This treatment can be used on various areas of the body and its effects are:

  • to warm and promote the flow of Qi; warms, moves and unblocks the Qi in the channels, and treats local congestion
  • to promote Qi and blood circulation, resolves blood stagnation, and removes obstruction and pain
  • to dispel cold damp
  • to diminish swelling and pain

Cupping is very effective for:

  • Bi syndrome wind damp (arthritis), low back pain, sciatica, pain in the shoulder and arms, pain in the legs and muscular part of the body
  • acute pain from blood stagnation
  • stomach ache, vomiting, diarrhea, indigestion
  • cough, asthma
  • tendon and bone pain (wind damp)
  • headache, dizziness

grow your own air

Common side effects of mold & toxins in the house include:
Fatigue | Allergy symptoms | Persistent headaches | Confusion | Lightheadedness | Worsen asthma, bronchitis

Mold & toxins are carcinogenic when exposed to them for a longer period of time.

3 main household toxins:

Benzene | Formaldehyde | Trichloroethylene

A study by Kamal Meattle showed that you can grow your own fresh air by having 4 air purifying plants per person in your home. In his study they used Sansevieria Launrentii.

The study showed that there is a reduction of eye irritation | respiratory disorders | headaches | lung impairment | asthma when you integrate air purifying plants


Plant is from 5ing 1834 S Coast Highway, Oceanside CA

Sansevieria Robusta (not used in the study by Kamal Meattle) are drought tolerant and are believed to eliminate:
Formaldehyde | Benzene | Trichloroethylene |Microorganisms


Dustin, the owners of 5inggoods, hosts air purifying succulent workshops at his store | 1834 South Coast Highway Oceanside CA 92054 |

headache DIY

i have had headaches ever since childhood. they vary from migraine type headaches to slight tension headaches. they run the gambit. foods vary as triggers, climate varies as triggers, and then my cycle will vary as a trigger. and boy, is it fun ;)

one thing i always make sure to carry with me, is a soothing oil. i make my own, and i wanted to share with you what i do.

now, as a disclaimer, i do not advertise a specific brand of essential oil. i use what works for my budget. i do not ingest them, so they do not have to be food grade (for me).

if you have a specific brand you like, use that one. most companies will have their own little headache relief recipe; mine i came up with while experimenting with scents and what works for me. there is an abundance of research out there for headache relief essential oils, and play with what you like.


as a carrier oil, i use vitamin e - i chose this one for the lack of smell, as well as its gentleness on the skin. almond oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil are great carrier oils

i bought the roller bottles on amazon.

fill the bottle about 3/4 with your carrier oil. a pipette makes the transfer clean, or depending on your carrier oil bottle, you can gently pour it into the bottle.

add 15 drops of your peppermint essential oil

add 2 drops of lavender

add 5 drop of spearmint

this combination leaves a sweeter aroma, and the lavender is not to overpowering, which i prefer. i love the sweet scent of spearmint, and it lifts the my spirit.

PEPPERMINT | actions: antidepressant, antihistamine, antispasmodic, bactericidal, hypertensive, sedative // aromatherapy uses: skin care, respiratory system, digestive system, reproductive system, nervous system // key qualities: soothing, calming, uplifting, regulating, sedating, appeasing, comforting, strengthening, revitalizing, protecting

LAVENDER | actions: antispasmodic, astringent, sedative, stimulant // aromatherapy uses: skin care, circulation, muscle & joints, respiratory system, genitourinary system, nervous system, insect repellant // key qualities: restorative, uplifting, warming

SPEARMINT | actions: stimulant, sedative// aromatherapy uses: skin care, nervous system, digestive system, respiratory system,  //key qualities: uplifting, revitalizing, mental alertness


There can be many causes for fatigue, and it is recommended to see a health care practitioner to find out what the root cause of fatigue can be.

Often times we associate fatigue with adrenal fatigue, saying that we have run our adrenals dry. This can be the case, as we do need our adrenal system to function proper when we deal with stress, and who doesn’t have stress in their life.

Blood work is recommended to find any nutritional, mineral or hormonal deficiencies.

When it comes to acupuncture, blood work can help us direct our treatments, but we also look at a variety of different patterns that could be causing fatigue on an individual basis. There are more than 10 patterns that could be the cause of fatigue, so a thorough intake from your Acupuncturist can get you on the right path to feeling energized.


There are a variety of herbs and nutritional recommendations that set Acupuncturists apart in the treatment of fatigue. When there is a vitamin deficiency, getting vitamin support from a Naturopath can be beneficial.


Here are some general items that can help alleviate symptoms of fatigue:

  • a daily multi-vitamin as well as a mineral supplement to replenish a deficiency. With this being said, I still think it is ideal to identify what specific deficiencies are the cause. Often times we have enough of one mineral or vitamin, and we are just compounding without really making the best use of the supplement. And what type of supplement you use is also important. Some studies have shown that there is little to no benefit of taking a daily vitamin, and I think it is due to the processing and sourcing of the supplement. I tend to go for whole food supplements that have a cellulose encapsulation. These are easier to digest and less likely to just pass through our system.
    • Vitamin C             500 to 1000 mg tid
    • Vitamin E             200 to 400 IU daily
    • EFA’s                     daily
    • Magnesium           250 mg tid
    • B complex             50 mg tid
    • CoQ10                    100 mg tid
    • DHEA                    25 to 50 mg daily
    • Selenium               100 to 200 mcg daily
  • Shiitake and Reishi mushroom can help boost immunity and increase energy levels
  • Increase fresh fruits, veggies, seeds and nuts into your daily diet. Certain grains can have the daily Vitamin B recommendations in them, so grains can be added to, if there aren’t any allergies. Brewer’s yeast or nutritional yeast is a great sourse of vitamins for vegans or gluten-free diets.
  • This sounds contradictory, but avoid using coffee or sugar to help boost your energy.


One supplement I think is necessary to keep on hand is Ashwagandha. It is an adaptogen, and therefore an incredible herb to moderate our stress response.


Ashwagandha is great for : the immune system // regulates the effects of stress // anxiety // depression // reduces brain-cell degeneration // anti-inflammatory