Stephanie Duerkopp Faddis, LAc, MSTOM, BS


Candidate for Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine | American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Master of Science in Oriental Medicine | Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine | John Brown University

Licensed by the California Acupuncture Board |

National Licensing in progress



In private practice since June 2016

Clinical Internships completed at UCSD Cancer Center Encinitas and Pacific College Clinic San Diego

Certified Facial Rejuvenation Practitioner August 2016

Certified Genomix Nutrition Practitioner

Stephanie completed her 4 year graduate program at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, a comprehensive medical program focusing on acupuncture, herbal medicine and biomedicine. Her undergraduate degree in Sports Medicine was a great foundation to shape her knowledge as an Acupuncturist. 

Stephanie is licensed by the State of California Acupuncture Board to practice Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. She has partnered with Neutrigenomix to provide a comprehensive, effective and supportive nutritional supplements. 

Growing up in Germany, with a progressive integration of traditional and modern medicine, Stephanie approaches her treatments to include more than just needles. She values the choices that patients make in their homes (food, emotional well being, exercise). Stephanie moved to the United States to pursue her medical education, and became a permanent resident when she married her husband, and business partner, Dustin. Dustin is growing his own lifestyle business 5ing, while also joining the Ouchie team as a Health Coach and Genomix Specialist. 

In September 2017, Stephanie will begin her transitional Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in San Francisco. She will be furthering her education with an emphasis on Rheumatology, Pain Management and Oncology. 

Dustin Faddis, Genomix Pracitioner, MS, BA

Dustin Faddis, Genomix Pracitioner, MS, BA


Master of Science in Counseling | John Brown University

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy | Biola University



Extensive Solution Focused Business Coaching with entrepreneurs and artists

Certified Genomix Nutrition Practitioner

Wellness Coach with expertise in Neurobiologix and Genomix Nutrition since 2016

Family Systems Counselor

Marriage and Family Therapist Intern, guiding youth and adults in mental, emotional, and spiritual health

Dustin completed his Bachelor degree in Philosophy at Biola University.  Dustin has a Master of Science in Community Counseling via John Brown University. While completing his Masters program he began the foundation to his current business 5ing. He utilizes his education to help communicate and cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with his product and his clients. He put his pursuit of a California Marriage and Family Therapy licensure on hold, as he felt more passionate about engaging systems ideas with his own creative practice and outside of a "therapy room". 

Over the years, he has received incredible benefit from acupuncture, intentional and conscious eating habits, and the incredible efficacy of Neurobiologix supplementation. In 2016 he chose to become a Nutrigenomix Specialist, and is helping Ouchie patients obtain knowledge about their unique genetics to create their optimal path to health and wellness.

Dustin grew up learning from his grandfather, Perry, what it means to work hard and steward land.  He is currently working through a regenerative & holistic agriculture design and management program in our pursuit to create Ouchie's future holistic health & wellness retreat. 

Dustin and Stephanie got married at their beautiful Arkansas home in 2008. They moved to California in 2009 to allow Stephanie to pursue her Masters degree and to develop 5ing. We believe that how you live your life has the most impact on our quality of life, and we choose to allow food and acupuncture to be our medicine. We believe that Ouchie is not just our own avenue of income, but a way to help others live a life with intention and well-being. We are excited to be part of your Health and Wellness Journey!